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We are a full-service therapeutic agency that serves people of different populations to improve their quality of life.

Our Work Focus on: Interpersonal relationships, over coming issues stemming from domestic violence, complex trauma, couple’s counseling, and parent child work.

we provided Career Coaching, and specialize in block removal.

we have a full range of psychoeducational programs, and workshops.

Nikita Banks, LMSW
Nikita Banks, LMSW

Nikita Banks is a serial entrepreneur, therapist and educator. Her unique journey that lead to her living the life of her passions is what adds to her experience as an expert in her field. “I am not just another ‘expert’ with an opinion on what I think makes relationships work. It is my belief that it is necessary to approach the work from a psychological perspective, proven implementable strategies.”
Nikita Banks started her career as a writer. She earned her Bachelors of Science degree from Brooklyn College, and went on to write for many national publications. Her work in the worlds of both sports and entertainment lead to her start in Public Relations. In 1999 Ms. Banks turned once again to her writing talents when she decided to start the “The Single Girl’s Guide to Men.” The website became a platform to discuss the challenges facing women of color in their quest for love.

After several years of writing about love and being branded a “love expert” by the community Ms. Banks decided that it was time for her to invest in finding out how to obtain love and strategies on how to maintain it. Her love of beauty and fashion caused her to start at beauty blog, Single Girl’s In 2010, she started a lifestyle blog,  At that time she decided she did not want to be branded as  a relationship expert without any formal training. Once she obtained her Master of Science Degree from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work; Ms. Banks pursued and obtained licensure in the states of both New York and New Jersey.
In 2014, Ms. Banks founded “Respect Is Love.” The passion that drives her work is her need to help women improve the quality of their loving relationships and improve their quality of life. “Respect is Love,” is a love centered psycho- educational program that helps women and girls examine the quality of their relationships and helps them to explore the root of why they are accepting less than they deserve. My goal is to help one woman at a time to be a beacon of light to guide healthy love to them and give them strategies so they can infuse love into everything they do.
The girls’ program is culturally inclusive, gender specific curriculum dedicated to instilling healthy love, improve their self-esteem, self-worth and help them to identify dangerous habits that will impede their overall happiness. The boys program which is still in development is called “Power Through Respect” that program teaches boys positive interpersonal skills, and what characteristics help them to develop healthy loving relationships.
Nikita Banks resides in Brooklyn New York, with her son.

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