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Hi I'm Nikita...Unbothered Zen Master...Reformed Super Hero...

Nikita Banks, LCSW

My former life of saving damsels in distress were filled with endless hours of trying to solve everyone else’s problems. But I just ended up creating a plethora of my own.

When you are the strong one who helps everyone, who comes to help you?

It was hard to admit the life I was living wasn’t the one I knew I deserved. I had big lofty dreams and no idea who to achieve them. I had to admit I needed help. I got clear on who I was, and what I really wanted.

I wanted more.. more love, happiness, and success. I had the audacity to say that out loud. I wasn't afraid to persue my dreams but what I was missing was the “know how.”I needed to look fear in the face and do the sh*t that scared me ANYWAY!!!

For Me That Meant I Had To Work With A Professional.

I was gonna...
Get Happy and Live Trying.

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