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Business Clarity Sessions

Nikita Banks LCSW

Living My Dream

About Nikita

I'm an award winning business woman but that is not where I started....

2020 taught us that we have to tackle our dreams with a sense of urgency. Companies realized it was necessary to invest in the socio-emotional health of their employees. 

As more and more people like you decide to take control of your lives, happiness and financial freedom our company assists you with the necessary support you need to live the life of your dreams.

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Money shouldn't be a factor in your healing. Check out our mental health podcast and free resources.

Our clients receive fast returns on their investments, which will result in getting to the bag.

Grow your business and your income.

In our clarity sessions we work collaboratively to identify the issues you should prioritize first to make money faster in your business. Our business strategy sessions save you time and money by getting your priorities straight from the start.

We will help you develop the plan and focus that gets your business growing exponentially. From concept to launch, you will get insights on what works and doesn’t work. We’ll review your current strategies and give you new suggestions on areas for growth.

So you want to double or even triple your revenue? We help you cut out the fluff so you can focus on the right tactics from the start. You don’t have to do it alone. When you let us help you, we will work together to decide on the best business strategy, we can provide you with custom strategies that will allow you to focus on your business.

I will give you honest feedback, actionable and scalable solutions to help you focus on what matters so you avoid getting stuck spinning your wheels.

What is included in the session?


Get a plan of action

During our session you will have a lazer focused strategy that you can use to walk away from the session and take immediate action in your businessYou will now have an action plan to deliver on and focus on, since you’re in the known. That means money earnt sooner and an increase in clients.


Have a clear vision

With collaborative mentoring you gain a keen insight which results in a clear path on how to make money in your business. You will know exactly where to focus your time and money for fastest business success.


Work with a professional

Our therapeutic coaching program is designed for business owners, who are serviced based business or product based who want resources to take their ideas from concept to launch, successfully without the challenge of starting from scratch.


Trust me with your dreams

Get our one-on-one attention. We are going to help you lay a solid foundation for your business and then build upon it to grow and succeed.


Solution focused Analysis

Our team of experts can analyze the different ways you can take your business to the next level, and see how each plan will affect your bottom line.

Let's work together, if you...

About Nikita

Some Fun Facts


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