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Do you think marketing is intimidating? And expensive? And risky? Yikes! Who has time for that? Let us help!

Do you think marketing is intimidating? And expensive? And risky? Yikes! Who has time for that? Of  course nobody does especially to do it alone and screw it up. That’s where we come in. My team and I are experts at providing strategies for mental health professionals that can raise your visibility fast. 


Trying to market your private practice means you have to let your ideal clients know you have the solutions they seek. Let me be your marketing match maker to help you find your perfect client and have a business you can fall in love with. 


 As a therapist myself I am going to show you all the strategies I use to increase my visibility with my ideal clients which has allowed me to have a career that is designed around my values and the lifestyle I want to live, while consistently hitting my income goals. I know what it is like working in isolation, wasting time and money trying to figure it out all alone. Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to go solo. 




What is included in the session?


Personalized marketing plan

We specialize in helping mental health practitioners learn strategies to create their own personalized marketing plans to be seen by and market to their ideal client, with pinpoint accuracy so they can connect with their ideal clients and make more money.


Get in front of your ideal audience FAST

Convert more consumers and put extra resources into practice. We help you market your services so you can increase your revenue. This allows you to spend more time on helping people. We use our years of marketing experience to help you develop a a successful marketing strategy. This will allow you to make more money, help more people, without burning out and lead you to have a life you love. With our help you don’t have to waste time with learning how to do


Work with a professional

We guide our mental health professionals through the process of choosing the right vehicle to get the best results for your investment. We review the various avenues that are available to you as you chose how to market your practice. We teach you what to work on first, by choosing the right marketing tools for your business, personality and ideal audience. We also sort though paid and free traffic methods so you don't spend money unnecessarily before you are ready.


Access to the most cost effective Marketing Tools

We know that good marketing is crucial to the success of your business. So we’ve made sure to create a list of power resource you can rely on to get you in front of your ideal clients who are searching for the services you provide.


Solution focused Assessment

During out session we use the time to identify areas of your business that are working. We review the issues that are standing in the way of your productivity, and evaluate areas of improvement. Make use of our targeted marketing tools to reach your ideal client in a painless, cost effective way. So that you can use digital marketing to target to your ideal client’s search phrases.

Let's work together, if you...

I’m an Award winning author, entrepreneur, speaker and coach, turned heart-centered business strategist. Here’s how I can help you, live the life you love ...

We use a variety of both clinical and coaching modalities to help individuals/families and Businesses to optimize the results they desire. See which services will work best for you. 

We provide live trainings, socio-emotional assistance to companies to help make sure they are providing optimal support for their employees. Find out how we can assist you. 

Business Clarity Sessions

A skilled mindset coach I am able to work with entrepreneurs to remove blockages that stand in the way of their productivity. We work to identify strengths and weaknesses in business systems. And work collaboratively to find the route to scale your business. 

Mental health professionals struggle to use marketing that works to identify their ideal clients. This skill is necessary for them to stay current and meet their income goals. 

Join the waitlist for our VIP group of Women Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepenuer can be isolating. To have a room full of women who are all just as invested in your success as they are in there own is necessary to achieve your goals. Will you join us?

You’re ready for things to feel easy—and good.

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