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More now than ever, it is important to invest in the socio-emotional health of your employees and their families

2020 taught corporations that it is more important now than every to invest in the socio-emotional health of their employees and their families. There was a new shift to Social workers and other mental health professionals so step in and use our training to provide the necessary support their teams have been missing through out the years.


In reaching out to their teams many companies have removed the barriers to mental health support for their clients by paying for the services themselves out side of the red tape of insurance companies. 


With the rough political climate and with employees who are members of marginalized communities being essential to the bottom line productivity and success of our national workforce. Companies have taken finding culturally relevant care and programming as a part of their plan for equity and inclusion and they called me to do so. 


Our Corporate Services

Employee Mental Health

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Productivity Coaching

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What our business services provide?


Culturally Competent Care

With the changing face of the workforce it is very important to provide your employees with clinical resources that respect who they are and sees them as individuals. By providing clinical resources that invest in culturally responsive care companies acknowledge that they see them as individuals who need personalized services.


Evidenced Based Practice Methods

The therapeutic interventions we use are based on scientific principles. We use researched backed models that guarantee for more successful outcomes.


Foster Group Cohesion

In working with teams on group work its important to highlight each member’s individuality and by honoring that they feel both seen and heard. This process of acknowledging the uniques of their members if fosters the “we-ness” or inclusive unity necessary to build positive rapport and employee satisfaction.


Increase productivity

When investing in the emotional wellness of your team. You signify to your team that you are more “people forward” and not simply just results driven at the expense of their well-being. When employees feel better about their lives they do more.


Improved socio-emotional health of your teams

When you invest in the socio-emotional health of your teams you improve the workplace culture. Increasingly workplaces are being ranked by employee satisfaction, and making the financial investment to take care of your teams has important benefits such as; improved coping skills, conflict resolution tools, internal socio-emotional support.

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I’m an Award winning author, entrepreneur, speaker and coach, turned heart-centered business strategist. Here’s how I can help you, live the life you love ...

We use a variety of both clinical and coaching modalities to help individuals/families and Businesses to optimize the results they desire. See which services will work best for you. 

We provide live trainings, socio-emotional assistance to companies to help make sure they are providing optimal support for their employees. Find out how we can assist you. 

A skilled mindset coach I am able to work with entrepreneurs to remove blockages that stand in the way of their productivity. We work to identify strengths and weaknesses in business systems. And work collaboratively to find the route to scale your business. 

Mental health professionals struggle to use marketing that works to identify their ideal clients. This skill is necessary for them to stay current and meet their income goals. 

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