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Next Big Thing

 I am excited to share my opportunity to join #nbttalks series to lend my voice, experience and expertise on overcoming incidents of trauma. Hope to See you There!!! #repost @mropportunity with @repostapp

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You’re invited to join @nbtmovement TUESDAY September 20th for #NBTTALKS #NY an INTIMATE LIFE ALTERING DIALOGUE centered around the innermost TRUTHS connected to the journey’s of our featured guest while on the pursuant path towards their NEXT BIG THING.
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Featuring Nikita Banks @msnikibanks {About}
Nikita Banks is a serial entrepreneur, therapist and educator. Her unique journey that lead to her living the life of her passions is what adds to her experience as an expert in her field. “I am not just another ‘expert’ with an opinion on what I think makes relationships work. It is my belief that it is necessary to approach the work from a psychological perspective, proven implementable strategies.” Ms. Banks founded “Respect Is Love.” The passion that drives her work is her need to help women improve the quality of their loving relationships and improve their quality of life. “Respect is Love,” is a love centered psycho- educational program that helps women and girls examine the quality of their relationships and helps them to explore the root of why they are accepting less than they deserve.
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