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Nikita Banks, LCSW

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I am committed to my client’s goals because first someone was committed to helping me achieve mine. My journey from patient to practitioner is the secret to my success. 

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Money shouldn't be a factor in your healing. Check out our mental health podcast and free resources.

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One on One Therapy

We use a variety of both clinical and coaching modalities to help individuals/families and Businesses to optimize the results they desire. See which services will work best for you.

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Business Strategy Sessions

A skilled mindset coach I am able to work with entrepreneurs to remove blockages that stand in the way of their productivity. We work to identify strengths and weaknesses in business systems. And work collaboratively to find the route to scale your business. 


Therapy for the Therapist

Mental health professionals struggle to use marketing that works to identify their ideal clients. This skill is necessary for them to stay current and meet their income goals. 


What they’re saying

Showing the Love

"It’s as if a girl-friend of mine is telling me to get my act together! Being held accountable is a requirement for growth. As a result I’ve grown richer in my relationships and have learned the importance of cultivating my number one relationship with self"
Raven G. Holt
"This book speaks about the significance regarding self-love. It makes you accountable for self and requires you to do self-work. Once you read this book, a fire will be lit in your soul, inspiring you to get to work and become whole within."
"This book is a great investment because certain stories and examples the author used can help someone gain a better understanding especially if they’re going through something similar.  I also believe the reflective questions are very helpful for one to gauge where they are in their life.  Are you thinking with realistic expectations, learning to prepare yourself for disappointment are two examples.  These questions can be used at any point of one’s life."

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