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Clinical social workers are the future of therapy. We are governed by a set of national standards that provide us with psychological training guided by the leading Evidenced Based Practice Standards to diagnosis, treat and care for people with mental wellness issues as well as diagnosis. Licensure requirements vary by state, and are approved based on their guidelines. New York Licensing requirements with over 6 years field experience provides a clinician the basis for highest quality standards as the NYS requires the most rigorous training qualifications in the United States. 

Culturally competent care is a therapeutic approach of providing therapy to clients who are members of marginalized communities that center their thoughts, feelings and emotions from the view point of their identity and how it impacts their mental well being. 

For people of color the disparities between the reality that some of us live and the ideal of the American dream is a stark contrast and we owe it to ourselves to fight past the stigma a lot of us face when we seek help. We have to demand access to health care that sees us and acknowledges the impact of intergenerational trauma on our mental wellness journey. 

I see both couples and individuals for counseling. Please be advised not all insurances pay for family/couple’s counseling. Those sessions are often time paid for out of pocket or at a slightly higher rate. 

Currently all sessions are virtual, and smaller children can best be served by a certified art therapist. I do provide selective therapy services to teens over the age of 12. 

If you would like to make an appointment with us, after reaching out to our office send us a secured email or reach out to our office  via our contact form with the patient’s DOB, a phone number, front/back picture of your insurance card, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be advised it takes about two business days for our office to confirm coverage so timely outreach is important to accommodate an appointment request. 

At this time we are only accepting clients new clients who have Optum commercial plans such as: United Health, Oscar, Oxford  Aetna (wait list), and private pay clients.

We expect to have some more openings for clients with Cigna and Blue Cross and Blue Shield soon.

Some commercial plans allow their clients to see the providers of their choice Out Of Network of OON. To see if you can be seen in our OON, you would have to contact your insurance company to make sure your eligible to use your benefit in this way. If they approve those benefits. You would have to pay for the sessions out of pocket, I will provide you with a receipt for services and which you submit to your insurance for them to send you your money back at their reimbursement rate.

My rate for intake is $160 and $140 per session, and $240 for a family/couple’s session. Please make sure you contact your insurance company to validate your coverage before your appointment. Call and make sure to ask them what your out of pocket responsibility is for each appointment; also it is important to ask if you have a deductible.

The first session is an intake session. We make sure all the necessary paper work is filled out. We gather biological and familial data to make an assessment to see if you fit any particular diagnostic criteria or have life goals you need our support to navigate. During this session we try to identify blockages and define goals so we have a basis for our work together. 

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